Revolutionizing Professional Skin Care With Lumini

Lumini Beauty Kiosk V2 offers advanced AI technologies, empowering professionals in the beauty and medical industries to accurately scan, analyze, and curate personalized beauty and skincare solutions.

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Enhance Your Professional Services with Lumini

Real Time Skin Analysis

Utilizing Lululab’s specialized technology, Lumini’s AI provides comprehensive skin analysis, including seven Skin Measurement Indicators. Ideal for dermatologists, aestheticians, and skincare professionals.

Unmanned System

Operate Lumini without the need for staff intervention. Your personal AI skincare assistant, saving time and reducing consultation hours.

Target Marketing

Use our advanced CRM service to manage client data, enabling precise marketing strategies for your clinic, salon, or store.

Intuitive Design

Lumini’s compact design fits effortlessly into professional settings, allowing more space for your clients and services.

Increase Sales &
Client Satisfaction

Enhance client experience with real-time skin measurements and personalized diagnosis, increasing loyalty and repeat business.

Boost your Skincare Product Sales

Lumini, your AI-powered skincare sales assistant, creates tailored product recommendations. Enhance your retail strategy and meet your clients’ unique needs.

In-Depth Analysis of Skin Health and Beauty

  • With Lumini’s advanced technology, professionals can evaluate skin score, age, and 10 unique skin-related parameters through a single, precise snapshot.
  • Backed by Lululab’s extensive global database of over 2 million skin profiles, Lumini provides an accurate analysis of skin conditions.
  • Our sophisticated algorithms deliver more than 92% accuracy, a claim validated by leading professional rating institutions.
  • Trust Lumini for comprehensive and precise skin assessment, empowering your beauty and medical practice with cutting-edge AI insights.

Advanced Features for Professional Excellence

Real-time Face Recognition

Accurate scanning and analysis of individual skin conditions.

High-Resolution Footage

Detailed examination of the skin’s texture, tone, and problem areas.

Personalized Beauty Product Recommendations

Lumini curates individualized beauty products for your clients, enhancing your professional recommendations.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed with professionals in mind, Lumini’s interface streamlines the scanning, analyzing, and product curation process.

What Professionals Are Saying

"I own a small skincare boutique and was looking for a way to stand out in a competitive market. The Lumini Beauty Kiosk has been a valuable addition to my business. It offers a unique and personalized experience for my clients, while also increasing sales and customer loyalty. I highly recommend it to any small skincare business looking to grow."

Michael B.
Owner of the Skincare Co.

"As a dermatologist, I was looking for a way to enhance my patients' experience and offer them a more personalized skincare solution. The Lumini Beauty Kiosk has been a great addition to my practice. It provides my patients with a detailed analysis of their skin and personalized product recommendations, all in one convenient location. I highly recommend it."

Dr. Raymond M.
Dermatologist at SkinCare Clinic

"The Lumini Beauty Kiosk has been a game changer for my skincare business. It not only provides accurate skin analysis for my customers, but it also recommends personalized products that they love. I've seen an increase in sales and repeat customers since implementing this technology. I highly recommend it to any skincare business looking to improve their customer experience and boost sales."

Sarah J.
Owner of Radiant Skin Spa

"The Lumini Beauty Kiosk has been a game-changer for our spa. Our clients love the convenience of being able to analyze their skin and receive personalized product recommendations all in one place. Since incorporating the kiosk into our business, we've seen a significant increase in sales and repeat customers. I highly recommend it to any spa or skincare business looking to boost their sales."

Neil D.
Owner of Luxe Spa

"Since implementing the Lumini Beauty Kiosk in our spa, we've seen a significant increase in product sales and customer satisfaction. The personalized skin analysis and product recommendations have made a huge difference for our clients. I highly recommend the Lumini Kiosk to any skin care business looking to boost sales and customer satisfaction."

Kathryn M.
Owner of Radiant Skin Spa

The Lumini Beauty Kiosk has been a game changer for our dermatology clinic. Not only does it provide accurate skin analysis, but it also allows us to recommend personalized skin care products to our clients. We've seen a noticeable increase in product sales and return clients since installing the kiosk. It's a must-have for any skin care business."

Dr. Michael T.
Dermatologist at Elite Dermatology Clinic

Got questions?

Lumini Beauty Kiosk uses advanced AI technologies, including real-time face recognition and deep learning
algorithms, to scan and analyze your skin. It then recommends personalized
beauty products based on your unique needs and preferences.

Yes, Lumini Beauty
Kiosk is designed to cater to all skin types. Whether you have dry, oily,
combination, or sensitive skin, the AI system is capable of providing tailored
recommendations to address your specific concerns.

Lumini Beauty Kiosk leverages advanced AI technology and deep learning algorithms to provide
accurate and precise skin analysis results. The system continually learns and
improves over time, ensuring increasingly accurate recommendations.

Lumini’s AI system analyzes vast amounts of online product data, ingredients, and customer reviews
through natural language processing (NLP). Based on this analysis, it curates a
selection of products that align with your skincare needs, preferences, and
desired outcomes.

Lumini takes data privacy and security seriously. We adhere to strict privacy policies and employ
robust security measures to protect your personal information. Your data is
treated with utmost confidentiality and is used solely to enhance your beauty

Yes, Lumini Beauty Kiosk can recommend skincare products for various concerns or conditions, such
as acne, dryness, aging, or hyperpigmentation. By analyzing your skin’s
condition and utilizing extensive product data, it provides targeted
recommendations to address specific skincare needs.

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